Why me?

If you're tired of the endless loop of corruption and stupidity, get someone that is also sick and tired of it to break the chain. Chances are, when you have common interests, those interests will succeed, in this case, for the benefit of everyone.

TLDR: Vote for someone who hates the system just as much, if not more than you do.

Introduction Statement

The United States government has become what it had vowed to end. Many no longer value their positions in public service and the resources that their constituents have entrusted them with. Congress has lost its respect for its citizens' money, livelihoods, pasts, and futures. There is a growing crisis beneath the steps of Capitol Hill that must be fixed. The cracks are growing.

TLDR: People in power are out of touch and don't care about the people they're supposed to represent.


Unfortunately, it has become common for there to be deception, deceit, and subterfuge within our government, especially congress. Much of it feels fake and under-the-table, which in many cases, it is. It's time that we change that and bring on realistic, honest, and ethical people to represent us. People that are real and true.

TLDR: People in power are playing you.

Financial Accountability

Much of congress have lost touch with the money that they are handling. Those trillions of dollars that they pass in spending are simply numbers to them, and they spend it like it's unlimited. We need to be more economical in our spending, and truly know where the money is going. There also must be an improvement in the efficiency of our spending to ensure that every cent is being used to its maximum.

TLDR: People in power don't care about your money. They spend it like it's unlimited (which it is, thanks to their corruption).

For the record:

If I built this website without spending a cent, the government has no excuse in spending 50,000 dollars to build a website that looks like it's from 1990. They're stealing everyone's money.